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ESCAPE - Rainforest RenegadesESCAPE - Rainforest Renegades$20.00 for 1 Guests
Minimum requirement is 4 attendees. Rainforest Renegades is an adventure like no other. Can you escape?$20.00 per additional Guest
Max 10 Guests
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The Classic Birthday Package$299.99 for 10 Guests
Find out why Funhaven has the best birthday parties in Ottawa! The Guest of Honour receives the royal treatment while an energetic and highly trained party host creates memories that will last a lifetime. (click for full details) $24.99 per additional GuestBook An Event
The Premium Birthday Package$399.99 for 10 Guests
Treat yourself to our full service birthday party. Food, fun, friends and laughter will flawlessly come together while the Guest of Honour is celebrated and treated to the best day of his or her life. (click for full details)$29.99 per additional GuestBook An Event
The Ultimate Birthday Package$499.99 for 10 Guests
PLEASE CALL US TO BOOK! WOW! This is Funhaven’s V.I.P. birthday experience! Allow us to take full control of this special day while the Guest of Honour and all of their guests revel in everything that Funhaven has to offer. (click for full details)$34.99 per additional GuestBook An Event